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Spiral Fusion 3D Printed Vase by Martin Zampach


Award-winning & renowned product designer, Martin Zampach, has stunned us once again with this beautiful 3D-printed vase made from bioplastic. A completely unique design, this vase makes the perfect center-piece on a dining table, bookshelf or windowsill. Using the full potential of 3D printing technology, such as the layering of the material into an aesthetic design, this impressive dry-flower vase won’t fail to impress.

The material used for 3D printing of vases is PLA (polylactic acid), a biopolymer made from renewable sources.

  • Made locally by local makers to minimize the carbon emission of shipping.
  • Made specifically for you after the purchase reducing manufacturing waste.
  • Made from bioplastic that is carbon-neutral and friendly to the environment. 

Note: As the Geometry by Martin Zampac collection is 3D printed from bioplastic, we recommend using it as decor or using pots or other inserts for real plants and water.