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3D-Printed Easter Island Vase


Sometimes all we need to re-energize our home is a unique set of home decor. For those seeking something different than bowl-shaped black vases, the Homies vase collection is the perfect accent that complements all interior styles from Scandinavian simplicity to the luxury of Hollywood. Taking inspiration from the Easter Island statues, this vase is sure to be a center-piece and conversation starter.

Note: Homies collection is 3D printed from bioplastic. While occasional contact with water is fine, it is a decorative item not meant to hold water. It should be used with pots or other inserts for real plants and water.

  • Made locally by local makers to minimize the carbon emission of shipping.
  • Made specifically for you after the purchase reducing manufacturing waste.
  • Made from bioplastic that is carbon-neutral and friendly to the environment.